Saturday, April 20, 2013

Milestone: 10,000 acres!

We are proud to announce that Driptech has successfully 
covered 10,000 acres with drip  irrigation across India, 
China and Africa. Having grown from strength to strength
 in a short span of time, we aim to rapidly increase access 
and adoption of drip-irrigation worldwide.   

Join us on a short postcard journey of some fascinating
figures to learn more about our story!


More than 30,000 people have reaped benefits from 
Driptech systems, with increased food security and income.


Farmers using Driptech systems saved enough water
to supply 1.5 million Indians with water for an entire year.


We have stayed in constant touch with our farmers,
counting 27,000 calls over the past year alone.


Our enterprising marketing & sales team covered a distance
equal to  travelling once to the moon and back (8,31,550 km)!


50 team members: double the number from a year ago!


With sincere gratitude to our investors, advisors, and friends who have supported us every step of this journey. We’re more committed than ever to providing low-cost drip irrigation to the hundreds of millions of smallholders around the world. 

Thank you for your support!