Wednesday, September 12, 2012

SOCAP2012 asked: "How are you and your organization making meaning matter?"

Next month Peter will be speaking as a featured entrepreneur at the SOCAP2012 conference series. He was asked, how does he and his organization, Driptech, make meaning matter. This is Peter's response: 

Making meaning matter

Meaning motivates us to action. Six hundred million small plot farmers lack irrigation water and are mired in poverty. They want to produce more crops to increase their income, but they have two big issues to overcome: an inefficient use of limited water resources, and access to capital. These farmers are willing to pay for improved tools and technology, but the products currently on the market don't serve them well due to issues of complexity, cost, or a lack of infrastructure. 

Driptech believes every small-plot farmer should be able to invest in affordable, appropriate irrigation technology to improve their livelihood. To bring these small-plot farmers closer to their goal Driptech has created a high-quality, low cost drip irrigation system designed and specifically tailored to the farmers’ needs, enabling them to save water and labor and substantially increase their yield. The system provides a means for small farmers to invest in drip irrigation offering all the benefits of traditional commercial drip irrigation:
  • Reduced water usage by 30% to 70%
  • Increased crop yields of 20% to 90%
  • Substantial labor savings
Driptech is focused on the radically distributed manufacturing needed to efficiently reach small plot farmers. We developed rugged machinery to manufacture this simplified drip irrigation optimized for small farms. Local manufacturing can be set up in factories the size of a shipping container at 5% of the capital cost of a typical centralized drip irrigation factory. This has several important implications: (1) lower prices due to dramatically reduced shipping costs and inventory buildup, (2) customization for local submarkets and rapid response to seasonal product shifts, and (3) job creation and goodwill for our brand in rural areas.

We are changing the entire system for designing, manufacturing, and delivering irrigation products to small- plot farmers. Only through a completely new system will this critical solution become available, affordable, and appropriate for these farmers. 

Driptech’s meaning is aligned with our customer’s goal – improving livelihoods. 

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