Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Launch of Retail Sales in Karnataka and Maharashtra

Driptech recently launched retail sales of Driptech systems in India with one of our distribution partners, Godrej Agrovet! We are very pleased to have the respected Godrej name and its network of dealers supporting our work. Mark Kahn, Executive Vice President for Strategy & Business Development at Godrej Agrovet, joined Driptech Founder and CEO Peter Frykman for this portrait taken at our Hubli launch party.

Our launch events generated a lot of good press in major local Kannada-language papers, such as Samyuktha Karnataka and Sanjevani, as well as in the top two English dailies, the Times of India, and the Hindu.

By partnering with a well-recognized Indian brand that has existing distribution channels, Driptech broadens the social impact of our water-saving, labor-saving, and yield-increasing product.

Peter Frykman (center), founder and CEO of Driptech, pictured with farmers who now have access drip to irrigation.

Godrej sales officers are building relationships with dealer outlets and hanging the co-branded Driptech/Godrej banners in the storefronts (below).

Through dealers and Godrej sales officers, farmers in Maharashtra and Karnataka such as Davalsab Nadaf (pictured below) have access to affordable high-quality drip irrigation. Mr. Nadaf, near Hubli, Karnataka previously relied on flood irrigation for dry season gardening, but was unable to irrigate an elevated portion of his land holdings. After buying a Driptech system from Godrej sales officer Shive Anand, he is now able to irrigate his 1/2 acre plot of chilies, tomatoes and okra. He estimates that using drip irrigation saves him 200 rupees per day (or 4 hours per day) of labor. Mr. Nadaf explained that he is very happy with the system and plans to expand the area of land he irrigates with Driptech systems because he can see that it will protect his soil from the erosion caused by flood irrigation.

Sales Officer Mr. Anand (R) with Mr Nadaf (L).