Friday, March 25, 2011

Driptech Inducted into the International Green Industry Hall of Fame!

Today, Driptech was one of the first six organizations to be inducted into the International Green Industry Hall of Fame! I was honored to accept the award on behalf of Peter and the Driptech team! The new Hall of Fame is designed to recognize individuals and organizations for outstanding achievements in the green industry and provide an educational forum for the international public. Driptech was honored among a number of extremely accomplished individuals and organizations including, the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE), Grundfos (an industrial water pump supplier), the City of Fresno Recycling Program, Duke Smart Home Program, and Josh Dorfman (a.k.a The Lazy Environmentalist).

The stage and awards before the inductees had been revealed

The induction ceremony was held on the UC Merced campus, which is ambitiously pursuing the highest standards for the sustainable use of energy and other scarce resources. The details of these standards and plans were presented by the campus architect Thomas E. Lollini, FAIA, LEED AP followed by a motivating speech by Rob Diridon, Executive Director of the Mineta Transportation Institute, on the significance of high speed rail to not only the development of California but also the world.

The inductees were then announced and asked to give a little speech. I commented on the appropriateness of Driptech being honored on the UC Merced campus since it was on another nearby university campus (Stanford) that Driptech was conceived. Students from several local high schools attended the event, and I encouraged them to dream big because their school projects could one day be the basis for a company, too.

A very excited Jessica and Gwen Lauridson, who accepted the life-time achievement award on behalf of Ray Anderson of Interface, Inc.

Sam Geil, IGIHOF Chairman, and Jessica

After the ceremony I was interviewed by Susan Frank from The Better World Group on how Driptech’s product creates solutions for our customers. You can view the video of the interview here.

After a full day, I drove back to Driptech headquarters, and we celebrated in the office. This award inspires and energizes us as we continue our work here at Driptech, alleviating poverty one farmer at a time, and contributing to a more sustainable global economy. Thank you to Sam Geil and the IGIHOF team for honoring Driptech with such a distinction.

Peter and Jessica back at the office

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