Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why is Driptech Scalable?

In November, Stanford University invited Peter to speak at a panel discussion on Social Innovation and the Social Entrepreneur. The panel consisted of leaders from different social enterprises, including Driptech, OneBreath, and Avanti Fellows.

Within a packed lecture hall with standing-room only, Peter shared his experiences, from building a product in the classroom to converting Driptech’s first sales in India and China. He emphasized the importance of prototyping your product, understanding your customers, and getting your hands dirty.

The panel went overtime, as eager minds posed insightful questions to the social entrepreneurs. Through Q&A, Peter explained why Driptech’s drip irrigation product is scalable. First, the product design allows flexibility to accommodate specific customer needs by scaling up or down based on the size of a farmer’s plot. This ability broadens the range of customers that Driptech is able to serve. Second, Peter explained that Driptech connects with local partners to leverage the existing distribution channels and infrastructure. This approach allows the team to focus on refining the technology, while getting the product out into the hands of customers quickly.

The panel attendees walked away that night with a profound appreciation of what makes Driptech and other social enterprises successful.

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Raj said...

The link for Avanti fellows is not accurate.

Frank Lee said...

Thanks for letting us know! The link should be fixed now.