Thursday, November 4, 2010

Moving Product

"Ship it!"

Here at Driptech, we strive to simultaneously develop our technology and ship our products. Recently, we finalized a large agreement with a partner organization (stay tuned for more details). Hand-in-hand with this exciting news, we are proud to be scaling up our production capacity.

On the technology development side, we recently received and installed a Haas VF-1, which will allow our engineers to rapidly fabricate, learn from, and improve their designs. Anyone who knows Peter will not find it surprising that he excited about our new ability to CNC our own parts.

We are now CNC capable!

On the production side of things, we are shipping tons of tubing, and each month we increase our production. How many angel-funded startups out there can make the same claim? We have hired several more production associates to allow our engineers to stay focused on developing the next generation of manufacturing equipment.

Unloading our shipment at the CFS station near SFO.

Keep checking back for more updates to see how we put the CNC machine to use, and how our production numbers continue to increase in the coming months!

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