Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Tubing Arrives

After weeks of planning, organization, international phone calls, customs payments, late nights, early mornings, and lots of waiting, the moment is finally upon us: the 1 ton of plastic tubing ordered from China in early July has, at long last, arrived.

The arrival of the tubing sparks a swift transition of pressure in the office. For the last few weeks, Jean, our director of business operations, has tackled the problems associated with shipping a ton of plastic from China and hoping nothing unexpected transpired. With the tubing here, however, Jean can once again resume breathing while the engineering team takes over. They have the monumental task of punching all 1000 kilograms of tubing by the end of the month so it can be shipped to small farmers.

Jean is excited to see the tubing arrive...

...while Trevor, not so much

The engineers are very confident of their ability to meet the challenge, however, and rightly so: while the tubing has been in transit, the team has been ramping up our production capabilities, testing and recalibrating the manufacturing machines, finalizing production shifts, and mentally preparing themselves for the task ahead.

Trust us, there’s plenty to do

The tubing arrival marks an important step in Driptech’s history as we attempt to fill our first large order under the pressure of a deadline. As you read this, production is already underway, and we all hope for the best.

Danny, our returning mechanical engineering intern from last year, recently attended the Clean Tech Open in San Jose, where he was interviewed by Colleen Edwards of “The Real Story” blog. You can check out the interview at

Additionally, we’re all very proud of the work that we do at Driptech every day, but some achievements are more impressive-looking than others. Brett recently finished one such project: the size alone makes it worth seeing.

For context, that black pipe at the end of the track is 10 feet tall

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