Thursday, August 12, 2010

Adventures of an Intern in Beijing

In Which the Intern Recounts the Quest for the Plastic Packaging Bags

We have had our eyes on a certain bag for packaging our systems in Beijing. In China, it seems that half the travelers at the train station own this type of bag, yet do not recall where they purchased it. I know this because I have enthusiastically asked half the travelers at the train station. This is a bag that an average person has lying around the house, not a bag that an average person goes shopping for.

With my host family’s guidance, I found myself this morning at the biggest department store I have ever seen: Jin Wu Xing, or Golden Five Star. Think Home Depot, Costco, and Wal-Mart rolled into one. A store filled with things that average people have lying around the house, as well as a million other things they don’t. The character at the end of the sign? That literally means “city.” If this store didn’t have the bag I was looking for, no place would.

I passed building materials and the furniture department before I finally got to the office supplies section. Rows and rows of stalls seemed to stretch into infinity.

I did find my elusive plastic bag. But it was hard not to walk aimlessly around in circles. I was almost lured in by the flashing orbs and party crackers at these stands in particular.

I found the door before I made any regrettable purchases for the office.

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