Sunday, February 7, 2010

Team Driptech arrives!

I’ve been joined in Lingqiu by Peter, Vaibhav, Su, and Ira. We’re spending these last few days before the holiday visiting as many farmers as possible; today we got fed radishes by some of the farmers in the first 8 greenhouses we installed. We’ve been busy putting together irrigations sytems with farmers, asking questions about vegetable markets and fertilizer costs, measuring water pressure and flow rates, and visiting local agricultural shops. Meanwhile, Lingqiu is getting ready for Spring Festival: the markets are booming, and all the shops and houses have red lanterns and banners strung up. Some of the greenhouses have even been decorated for the holiday! The growers are taking advantage of the higher vegetable prices and harvesting everything they can: this woman has just finished loading up her bicycle cart with celery and is about to head into market.

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