Sunday, October 11, 2009

A good time was had by all

On behalf of the entire Driptech team I wanted to say thanks to everyone who made it out to our booth at the West Coast Green event last week. The organizers also deserve a round of applause, especially Diane Loviglio the Innovation Pipeline coordinator (above with the Driptech team).

Although I got tired of disappointing all the people who wanted to buy our system for their own backyards, the conference was overall very helpful in publicizing and connecting with potential investors. It's a good sign that people are thinking about water conservation, and if we weren't already shipping every roll of tubing we can make to China, I'd be happy to provide systems locally. After all, the first location we got it working was in my back yard in Palo Alto, and we've been benefiting all summer from fresh tomatoes and peppers. Some of you will remember the mountains of onions before that.

I'm also pretty sure that we're the only company importing materials from India to manufacture in Palo Alto and re-export to China :) Obviously we are looking forward to eventually transitioning our manufacturing overseas to the local markets. This will help support the local economies while cutting out transportation costs and headaches.

In the meantime we'll keep churning out low cost drip irrigation in our Palo Alto facility. And for all you contractors, landscape architects, and rain water collection enthusiasts, I'll try to see if we can hustle some product out the back door for your gardens.

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