Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jetlag and more good press

I'm now back in the US after a 3 week trip to India and China (more on that later). While I'm adjusting to the time change I'm catching up on some emails. This includes sharing all the good press that we've had over the last weeks with our friends and supporters.

Just today we were featured in an article on Red Herring based on my panel discussion last month at the Cleantech Forum in San Francisco:


There's also the article that ran in The Chandigarh Tribune describing one of my visits with farmers while I was in India:


The staff photographer got some great photos of me demonstrating the system. The moment that water was flowing through the demo kit the entire group burst into loud animated discussion, with around five of them simultaneously asking me questions in Hindi. The messages were slowly translated, "How much does this cost?", "How large will it work?", and "Where can I buy it?":

The funniest part of the whole event was when the photographer insisted on taking a dozen or so photos of me in the strawberry patch demonstrating... the strawberries? I think I missed something.

"Mr. Frykman", "an entrepreneur from the USA"

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