Friday, December 26, 2008


Peter and I traveled north to Aurangabad to meet with the people at Global Easy Water Products (GEWP), the irrigation supply company that provides materials to IDE. We learned more about how their supply chain works and how we could potentially work with them in order to get our improved low-cost drip tape into the hands of thousands of Indian farmers. We showed them samples of our tubing and even had a live demonstration with Peter’s sample kit. We also visited more farmers who are using IDE’s current drip technology: this farmer is using drip irrigation to grow cotton.
One of the most fun parts of our visit was a shopping trip to GEWP’s warehouse, where we spent a lovely morning looking at each and every piece they use for both custom irrigation installations and small irrigation kits. We purchased boxes of tubing, fittings, filters, and tools—and then had quite the adventure explaining the contents of our luggage to airport security on the journey home.

GEWP staff examining a demonstration of driptech irrigation tubing

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