Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mid-Pilot thoughts

With the pilot study under way I have been able to focus more on product and business development. I have been catching up on meetings and email and talking to potential supporters. One thing that I've heard a lot is that it's a tough time to raise money, whether as a complaint from entrepreneurs or as an excuse from investors. Everyone is pretty shell-shocked from the recent market volatility.

At the same time the onions that I am growing in my back yard using the driptech system have been getting bigger. It has been really satisfying to start to bring bunches of green onions to people who have been following our company and helping us. Of course, I have also started to eat more onions myself, so please excuse the bad breathe.

The moral is: with all the current emphasis on the economic downturn, I say it's a good time to start growing your own food!

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