Saturday, November 8, 2008

Planting our first demonstration plot in India

The first seeds are in the ground! We’ve worked up a 10 x 10 meter section (30 by 30 feet), added manure, shaped some nice beds, and laid out the drip tape. After admiring the little jets of water for a while (Shane from Hatsun Dairies agrees we need a lighted drip tape for ornamental installations), we decided the ground was wet enough to start planting. This first plot will have a wide variety of vegetables, to show what’s possible with drip irrigation. Some of the veggies we’re growing, like tomatoes and green beans, will be familiar to our blog followers back in the U.S.; others, like ridged gourd and ladyfingers (okra) may be more exotic. Murgesh, the farm manager, got quite an array of vegetable seeds in Denkanikottai; most of them I can identify, but there’s a few that have defied all our efforts at cross-cultural understanding, even with our nice thick English-Tamil dictionary. Murgesh promises he’ll find me some pictures.

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