Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Let the drip taping begin!

We're beginning our pilot study here in Tamil Nadu, near Denkanikottai. The rain has stopped, the thick red soils are beginning to dry out, and we're picking out vegetable crops to plant once we get our fields prepared.

Most of the fields in this area are still in rain-fed crops; the ragi (finger millet) harvest won’t be for another month yet. We’re hoping to have our demonstration plots up and running by the time farmers are ready to make dry-season cropping plans. In the mean time, we’ve been meeting with plastics manufacturers, farmers, and agriculture professors. Now, Peter and Nick have returned to California, and I’m out at the farm, getting the plots ready. We’re hoping to get some transplants in the ground and lay out the drip lines this Saturday—stay tuned for updates.

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