Monday, November 17, 2008

Krishi Mela

Ravi said… there’s an agricultural exhibit; you might want to attend. I pictured research posters on improved cotton varieties and perhaps a powerpoint presentation or two. Nope—this event, hosted by G.K.V.K. University, Bangalore—lives up to its name: Farmer’s Exhibition. Part trade show, part county fair, the hundreds of booths drew huge crowds of farmers, schoolkids, university staff, and general gawkers. I’m not sure how aquariums fit into this event—perhaps they just snuck in on the coattails of the aquaculture promoters? But the ornamental fish displays and quintessential fairground fish-in-a-bag giveaways drew a throng of gleeful kids; I think the fish were more popular than even the emu exhibits. My favorite booths were the seed variety displays, beautifully garlanded not only with flowers and sparkles, but also with intricately braided bouquets and pillars of grains. Fighting the distractions of tractor implement demonstrations and a man dressed as an orange paper mache horse, I spent quite a while in the irrigation section, scoping out our competition—and asking them for help finding some plastic fittings. Next year, perhaps driptech will our own booth at the Krishi Mela—I should probably start braiding some drip tape garlands now.

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