Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why is Low Cost Drip Irrigation Important?

Water scarcity affects hundreds of millions of farmers worldwide. For many farmers living on less than one dollar per day, lack of water is the principal reason that they are stuck in the cycle of poverty. For such a farmer to rise out of poverty, he needs a way to grow valuable crops during the dry season using only extremely limited water resources.

Experts agree that the most water efficient method of irrigation is drip irrigation, which delivers the precise amount of water directly to the plants using a system of tubes and emitters. Farmers making less than one dollar per day have had no way to afford conventional drip irrigation, and without an alternative tailored to their scale, they have been stuck in the poverty cycle.

We've developed an extremely low cost drip irrigation system for small farmers in developing countries. Our company, driptech, is working to provide this critical technology to the people who need it most. Currently we are proving our system with small farmers in India, but will soon expand to Africa and other parts of Asia. You can find out more at www.driptechnologies.com

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