Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blog Launch from India

I am sitting in a hotel in Mysore, India writing our first post on the tiny ultra-portable laptop we purchased for the pilot study. Nick, our CTO, is here too and Anna, our Pilot Study Manager, is across the hall.

Let me back up and say that we're here in India to test a new, extremely low cost drip irrigation system that we've developed (much more on this later). Today we will be speaking with small farmers interested in drip irrigation and hopefully getting user feedback on our product.

In preparing for this study we've been overwhelmed by the support and interest of individuals from around the world. Over the coming months we will use this blog to give updates on the pilot study in India and on our business development in the US.

We hope that this can become a useful forum for discussion about "appropriate technology design" in general, and specifically ways to solve the growing global water crisis. Thank you to everyone who has helped us come this far.

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